since April 2001

Idea / Images

The SmartBalls are juggling balls which glow in the dark. They are illuminated with LEDs inside and powered by a rechargeable battery. When juggled in the dark, it results in fascinating patterns. Instead of simple plots, each ball is seen as a blurred line. Globalls, which are manufactured by Aerotech are such balls as well. But our SmartBalls have a powerful extension from ordinary Globalls.
The extension is, that SmartBalls can glow in different colours and can be programmed in any order you want. Moreover, the juggling balls can be started at the same time as a piece of music, which allows to have a perfectly synchronised show. Combining visual and acoustic impressions enhances the already amazing effects of a juggling show.
An other feature is, that colour changes can be synchronised with catching the balls. Sensors in the balls detect the shock of a catch. This function opens a wide range of new effects.

In the following some examples of different patterns are shown with each a picture and a computer animation.

(click on the pictures to enlarge it)




3 ball juggling



4 ball juggling



5 ball juggling





Additional effects would be possible when employing a ball detection system and RF receivers in every balls.