since April 2001



   50 instructions
   more than 1000 instructions storable for juggling programs
   colour sequences with accuracy of 0.01s programmable
   programming with PC, simple downloading with PlugInStation

Catch Detectors
   the balls can detect the event of catching
   throw times measurable

4 Colours
   red, blue, green and yellow

Colours mixable
   several colours possible, e.g. orange, turquoise and purple

Illumination Intensity adjustable
   rechargeable battery power management
   Full Power: approximately 7h illumination durance
   Low Power: approximately 15h illumination durance

Fading possible
    e.g. from red to yellow or from dark to blue

Synchronisation to Music
   balls can be started together and at the same time as a piece of music
   i.e. colour sequences can be synchronised to music

Starting Options
   programs can be started at any location
   more than one program can be stored and started

   each ball has its unique ID number and a programmable one
   each plug inside the PlugInStation is fitted with a display to signal this ID
   during program execution ID numbers can be changed (more meaningful expressions)

   downloading programs
   recharging batteries
   starting balls and music
   reading stored throw times
   PC/Notebook only needed during development of a new show (program)

see also Technical Information